Mini walls for the living room

Thirty years ago, the most overall walls with a huge number of shelves, doors and departments were in fashion. In such a traditional wall, each of us managed to store everything that was in the house and it is both sets of dishes and clothes, including bedding.

As a rule, choosing such furniture, it turned out to be half the living room or the hall at the disposal of such a large closet. For gore apartments and in particular for Khrushchevs, such furniture could not be suitable and, above all, this belonged to the size of the furniture. Currently, mini walls in the living room are inexpensively gaining popularity and almost every family already from all bulky cabinets and chiffoners, I decided to refuse.

Thanks to their compact dimensions, mini walls for the living room will allow furniture to use even in modern apartments as a studio apartment.

The mining wall for the living room in the best way can fit into the modern interior, especially such furniture is perfect, as the interiors for apartments say, which is dominated by the laconic style of the Heytek.

With the help of a developed combination, that is, at this moment a certain number of shelves, cabinets and racks are very perfectly impeccable and not large in size, a system for storing small objects that are present at the everyday life of each of us.

Thus, it turns out that in such a mini wall everything that is in the house will be carefully and reliably preserved.