Increasing immunity Actions on the body

Sometimes drowsiness, depression, bad mood appear in people even if everything is fine in their lives and with health. Where do they get? First of all, the loss of strength is observed with a decrease in the protection of the immune system. Therefore, all people who are worried about their health must strengthen, raise, and also maintain immunity. How to do it?

DECAUM Director will help you choose the right drugs to increase immunity. Your attention is a large list of compendium/ATC/L03/common and, no less important, effective immunostimulants that are available in Ukraine today.

Immunity: what is it, why it decreases

Immunity is a protective function of the human body, which is aimed at resistance to different threats from the outside (viruses, bacteria), as well as internal (cell infection).

The most important reasons why the immunity is reduced:

– Improper nutrition. If you live from a snack to a snack, regularly use fast food, include insufficient fruits and vegetables in your diet, then in such cases, sooner or later human immunity will weaken, since it will not have the necessary minerals and vitamins.

– unhealthy sleep that causes irritation, neurosis. If you sleep less than seven hours, each time wake up and fall asleep at the same time, a person begins to get tired and he has depression.

– too strong loads or vice versa, hypodynamia.

– bad habits also lead to a decrease in human immunity.

– Poor environmental situation.

Increasing immunity: what and how?

You can strengthen immunity at home:

1. First, eliminate the reasons for its reduction: normalize your nutrition and sleep. Then you yourself will notice how much your mood has improved. Also, strength and great joy from life will certainly appear. Abandon your bad habits, or at least you need to reduce their use.

2. Do special exercises. It can be charging, jogging, yoga. Then you will become more hardy and you can wake up much faster. Do not forget that it is desirable to go on swimming, take a cold shower. Thanks to this, the body will be tempered gradually and will be able to resist the viruses and microbes of various colds. But only everything is in moderation.

3. Every day you need to drink a lot of clean water. After all, it regulates the metabolism.

Products that significantly increase immunity: honey, nuts, dairy products, raisins, grapes. If you do not have the opportunity to maintain your immunity with different products and folk remedies, you can take special drugs.

Effective implicit drugs: why they are needed

Immunostimulants are special drugs for restoration, as well as normalizing the protective functions of the human body. These are not just vitamins, these are potent drugs, which include a large number of components. They need to be accepted only if there are appropriate medical indications.

How they act?

Medications of this type are divided into several groups that are due to the specifics of the impact:

1. Exogenous group. Their composition includes plant components or useful microflora. Such drugs activate the process of developing antibodies to infections and viruses. They are suitable for both children and adults.

2. Endogenous group. They consist of different substances that are produced by the human body. All components enter the cells of the immune system, stimulating, while its protective functions.

3. Chemical group. The composition of such medicines includes synthetic elements that in the complex affect the body. They contribute to his speedy recovery.

What kind of tablets are suitable in each individual case, only a doctor prescribes.