What should bridesmaids do at a bachelorette party?

So who organizes the bachelorette party before the wedding? This question is asked by many brides, and especially their parents, who already have a lot of worries, affairs and expenses before the celebration. A bachelor party is a sacred thing! It’s a duty!

But the majority’s attitude towards bachelorette parties is quite skeptical. However, recently more and more girls are inclined to believe that a bachelorette party is a must. At least a party on the river bank around the fire with songs and swimming, but this day must be.

By the way, abroad, according to etiquette, the bride’s bachelorette party is paid for by her girlfriends. This event, by definition, must be simply chic, so many girls are forced to take out a loan so as not to embarrass themselves in front of the bride and her relatives. There it is considered the norm to throw a cool bachelorette party for a friend on the shores of the azure ocean or in an exotic country. For this purpose, villas and boats, luxury hotel rooms and restaurant halls are rented.

In our country, opinions on whether the bride or girlfriends are having a bachelorette party are divided into extremely opposite ones. Many proceed from the principle: “We must pay the bride, because this is her holiday.” Others are sure that it is necessary to help organize the celebration.