Which pajama to choose for a comfortable sleep

Famous Coco Chanel loved to say that sometimes a woman to choose more carefully than a lover. And she got to the very point. In addition, these words are appropriate when the girl wants to buy female pajamas. Clothing, in which the beautiful floor spends a third of its life, should be beautiful and comfortable.

It is better to reserve lace nightsuits for seduction of your loved one. If the goal is to sleep well, then pajama is an indispensable thing.

Pajama should be sewn from natural fabrics: silk or cotton. If you choose clapping pajamas, then carefully look at the fabric on the lumen. The fabric should not have bumps and thickening. The finish and seams should be soft so as not to disturb during sleep. It is better if the buttons on the pajamas were small and streamlined in shape. Pull the elastic on pants – it should not be very tight.

Silk pajamas attract with their beauty and exquisite performance. The first thing you need to pay attention to when choosing silk pajamas, this is on the seams of clothes for sleeping – they must be qualitatively processed. Silk is a sliding material and with poor processing of pajamas seams will quickly spread.

Having decided on the material, it’s time to pay attention to the color design of pajamas. Many women try to choose pajamas to the color of bedding. If you want to visually make your figure more slender, then you should dwell on the choice of dark shades.

Tall and full ladies look great in the pajamas of the classic style having a vertical strip. Slender girls are suitable for pajamas, which depict bright flowers or horizontal stripes.

There are also unsuccessful pajamas models offered in the underwear market. It will be uncomfortable and hot in pajamas with like or nylon. An unsuccessful idea and put on an acrylic and wool product on a naked body.