Why do bags appear under the eyes?

The appearance of bags under the eyes grieves any of us. A face with such formations looks unattractive, it seems that a person is tired, did not get enough sleep. The reasons for the appearance of bags can be different. It is necessary to know about them in order to prevent the occurrence of this problem.

If the bags under the eyes appeared after a sleepless night, the need to spend a lot of time at the computer monitor the day before, and by dinner they themselves disappeared, this should not cause anxiety. It’s good enough to have a rest, dose the time of communication with the computer, and the bags will not appear.

But, if you see them under the eyes every morning, you notice that they themselves are not smoothed out, this can be the result of a disturbed water-salt balance or a symptom of the disease. To delay water in the body, to provoke accumulation of fluid cells, salted, acute, spicy, marinades, as well as alcohol, can be food. They should be excluded from their diet so that the bags do not appear. Do not drink a lot of liquids before bedtime.

Such phenomena can be observed with some inflammatory kidney diseases. Bags under the eyes are accompanied by other symptoms. Clouding of urine is observed, temperature may increase, pain in the lumbar zone occurs. With kidney diseases, along with urine, the body loses such an important element as albumin. It is he who delays the water in blood plasma.

With age, delicate skin of the eyelids becomes less elastic, it contains too little hyaluronic acid and collagen. High -quality skin care will help to prevent premature appearance of bags.

Such procedures need to start at a young age to move the aging process. In addition to using special creams, it is necessary to regularly perform massage, use compresses and masks that rejuvenate skin.