Medical massage

The most popular and preferred type of treatment is without a doubt massage. Regardless of the type, the massage procedures have perennials and proven experience, which is proportionate and physiological for the human body as a treatment methodology.

The effect produced on the body with medical massage is great, so thanks to it;

– The skin is cleansed, acquires elasticity, the secretory area is improved;

-Muscles, joints, as well as ligaments are charged with a higher bar of functionality, and their condition shows positive indicators;

-Lymph-revelation acquires activity, the same, we can say about metabolic processes;

-NS is balanced: natural reflexes are agitated, nerve conductivity is restored and at the same time their excitability decreases.

Of course, massage at the house of St. Petersburg is effective as a strengthening complex intended for the muscle corset, including has a positive effect on NS. In addition, it restores muscles after transactions. The effectiveness of medical massage techniques largely depends on the personal selection.