Maternity leave: how to make money on new skills

There is often practically no free time on maternity leave – the child and everyday life take up all your energy, but being only a mother, wife and housewife is harmful to your psycho-emotional state.

For the benefit of the whole family, it is important for mom to find time for herself and satisfy her interests. Of course, alpine skiing or spearfishing as a hobby is not suitable for all new mothers – it requires a lot of time and energy. If you’re looking for something quieter to organize within the walls of your home, learn how to make something yourself. By the way, many women manage to monetize their hobby.

Moms on maternity leave often have to put their careers on hold, but this time can be used to learn new skills. This is especially convenient for those who, after maternity leave, do not want to return to their previous job.

You can get a new specialty thanks to the federal project “Promotion of Employment”. Among others, the categories of people who can acquire a new profession or improve their qualifications for free include women on maternity leave.

In order to take part in the program, you need to log in to the “Work in Russia” portal, select from the list of educational programs that interest you and submit an application. And then they will contact you and give detailed instructions.

You can choose a profession that is related to what you did before maternity leave, or something completely new to you. Training is carried out remotely, the terms vary depending on the direction. Based on the results, you will gain new skills or expand your area of competence, and you will also be sent a certificate/diploma.