SMM specialist versus tutor: who should a young mother go to work with?

SMM is Social Media Marketing, simply put, promoting a brand, company or specific product through social networks.

At first glance, it may seem simple to sit on social networks and praise a product. In fact, an SMM specialist must be able to build strategies, set up advertising, create content and analyze the effectiveness of the work done.

This is a good part-time job option for moms who understand social media algorithms. You can look for clients outside your city and even the country, and you can cooperate with several companies at the same time.

If your education allows, you can try your hand at tutoring. Moreover, it is not necessary to have a teaching diploma: a school course in mathematics or physics can easily be explained by a practicing engineer or programmer. And if you know a foreign language, you can organize paid conversation courses or a book club. There are many sites on the Internet that help students and tutors find each other, and online lessons are no less in demand than face-to-face ones.