Stylish glasses 2015

Glasses must be able to choose the right thing to seem beautiful in them. This is one of the common accessories on an equal footing with jewelry and hours that can be found, for example, on Inwatch, without which no fashionista is complete. Consider a few fresh ideas.

Everyone’s favorite round shape went out of fashion. But the designers suggested in return many other types of glasses. Points that have a non -standard shape will be considered popular. Colors can also be different. In such a model, each will attract the attention of others. Do not be afraid to surprise.

All fashion designers offer cat glasses. They have long been popular, 2015 was not an exception for them. Sunscreen mirror glasses are also relevant, moreover, of various color shades. Prada introduced massive glasses with openwork arches to the public. Some fashion designers complemented them with rhinestones. You need to select them under the color of the clothes with which you are going to wear them.

The classic model is considered a droplet glasses. Many people like them, therefore, in 2015, such models will remain in the trend. The novelty of this year – glasses decorated with decor: flowers, various prints. The geometric shape of the glasses is included. It can be trapezoidal, square. The color scheme allows bright, saturated shades.

Summer glasses should differ from autumn. For cold seasons, it is better to choose models with bright glass. Designers strongly recommend not to forget about it.

The main motto of this year is more color. Blue, red, yellow – you decide, all shades will be popular. The frame can be both plain and different colors, for example, black with yellow. Retro style returns again. If a woman has a broad face, then oval glasses that are fashionable in 2015 will suit her. Models without a frame will be relevant. Such glasses will certainly attract the attention of passers -by. Some designers presented very original glasses, the glasses of which have different colors. This type is more suitable for girls who are not afraid to surprise and want to stand out from the crowd. Another bold solution – glasses with a half frame. Gleam in the eyes … This applies to glasses. With sparkles, there can be not only frames, but also the lenses themselves. Glasses with elongated corners are also in trend. Such a model is very original.

As you can see, designers offer a huge selection of fashionable fashion in 2015. Choose a model that perfectly emphasizes your face and eyes. Do not be afraid of bold solutions, this year it is necessary to stand out from the crowd.

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