Damaged hair Hair surface destruction

Healthy and more beautiful hair is the best reward that can be proud. Healthy and beautiful hair – are the main decoration of both women and men. If the human body is healthy and vigorous, then this will be noticeable primarily through his hair. Disease and harmful habits, can adversely affect the appearance of the hair. Damaged hair cannot be considered healthy, since the structure worsens after the damage received. Healthy hair scales fit tightly to each other, this gives the hair a beautiful healthy look. Hair scales have a unique ability that helps protect hair from various types of damage. After damage to the hair, they will look dry and lifeless. Such damaged hair is very difficult to give styling, it is very difficult to give additional shine to such weakened hair, even if you use special means to give a shine. Various factors can lead to hair damage. In certain cases, it is difficult to say about how the hair could be damaged. Several factors that lead to hair damage:

Mechanical hair damage. If you are not correct and not regularly combing your hair, then it can be damaged. Not properly carried out haircut, constant hair styling with a hot hairdryer is also the main cause of hair damage. When using non -quality hair styling, all this can be the main cause of damage to the structure of the hair. Aggressive formula can get into the depths of the hair, after which the structure of the hair changes. The same thing happens during a chemical curl, a special chemical composition, which is applied to the hair completely penetrates into the depths of the hair, which leads to a change in the structure of the hair, it becomes wavy and curly. The same process of hair damage occurs, if daily, use a hair dryer and an iron for hair styling. After the damage received, the process of destruction of the surface of the hair occurs. By the way, the hardware pedicure is now very popular, and it does not completely damage the structure of the nails.

Environmental influence. Ecology and the environment can very much affect the hair. Strong cold, stronger sunlight, constant wind, cold water – all this negatively affects the condition of the hair. If the hair receives harmful ultrophy -ore rays, then the process of splitting keratin and melanin in the hair begins to occur, the structure is significantly worsening. In autumn and long winter, our hair is resting from harmful sunlight, but even at such a time hair can be badly damaged. There are much less moisture in cold frosty air, it follows that at such a time of year it is necessary to further moisturize your hair. Disadvantage of moisture, is able to destroy the surface of the hair, hairstyle or styling will not look lush and voluminous.

Aging. The older the body, the every day we lose our attractiveness and beauty. The condition of the hair is getting worse and worse, the skin on the face and on the body loses its smoothness and attractiveness over time. At this age, the body is not able to keep keratin normally, which is so necessary for hair.

How can you stop hair damage?

Not every person can keep his hair healthy for many years. You can prevent hair damage. There are several non -complex tips that should be observed in order to stop hair damage.

– At every opportunity, try to use curlers and a hairdryer less. Refuse hair dyeing with chemical dyes, use natural dyes to the place for hair coloring. It can be natural henna or bassma. It is not recommended to make various complex hairstyles, this condition of the hair can worsen.

– Before starting hair styling, it is recommended to apply a special protective tool to the hair, in addition, the hair should be dry.

– Use chemical paint as less as possible, which contains ammonia. For hair coloring, it is recommended to use soft paint.

– Correct your hair correctly, for combing you need to use a comb with natural bristles. The slower you comb your beautiful hair, the less they will be damaged.

– It is not recommended for a long time on the beach. Strong sunlight can damage hair.

– Constant taking various drugs contributes to deterioration and hair damage. Such drugs include: – antidepressants, various hormonal drugs. Hair can also be very damaged after chemotherapy.

– To strengthen and improve the condition of the hair, add products such as: – poultry, nuts, dairy products, as well as products with a high protein content.

– After washing the hair, it is not in any case that you can not rub your hair with a towel and squeeze your hair hard. Natural drying, this is what you need to preserve hair in a healthy state.

– To preserve the beauty of the skin and hair, it will be necessary to abandon smoking and drink drinks containing alcohol.

– After the pool, it is recommended to thoroughly rinse the hair with high -quality shampoo, it will also need to be applied to them a professional balm of the rinser. Chlorine, which restrains in water, negatively affects the general condition of the hair, such water can greatly damage and dry the hair.

Constantly follow your hair, the appearance of the destruction of the surface of the hair can worsen your hair for a long time. Caring for damaged and weakened hair will take you for a long time.