Fingers massage the key to beauty and health

Finger massage provides the opportunity to influence the health of our internal organs, as well as our beauty. Therefore, this issue must be approached with all seriousness.

Well, if you are interested in osteopathy, then it is best to contact the school of somatic integration, which will allow you to adjust neuro -vegetological dysfunctions, and also teach you to use soft manual techniques. After seminars at this school, you will master the treatment techniques of internal organs by visceral osteopathy methods.

Fingers massage:

Pick them, open, bend the nail bed for 2 minutes. From the side of the palm at the base of the thumb-the “pillow”, which is responsible for all cardiovascular diseases, massage it at least 2-3 times a day, devoting massage for 2 minutes.

If you strengthen the ring finger, then this should normalize the work of your liver.

If you make a massage of the middle finger, then this will reduce your blood pressure.

Strengthening the thumb of the hand will improve the functional processes that occur in the cerebral cortex, and should also strengthen your nervous system.

Weak index finger – problems with the stomach and vision. Massage even nails by pressing the opposite hand with a fingernail.

Pull your palms about each other until a significant heat is formed. Scroll in the center of your palm clockwise with a thumb 9-12 times.

Squeeze and imprison the fingers of both hands 21 times, shake your hands, as if dropping something from your fingers, 7 times.

Shake the whole body by lifting yourself to the socks (2 cm), sharply sink to the heels so as to feel the vibration of all parts of the body. Do as many times as you are.

Engage in yourself constantly, with love, joy and lightness, the result should not force yourself to wait. Heal yourself.