Ideas for preparing a nursery for very young children

The children’s room has to “grow” with the child. And choosing a finish so that both a child and a teenager will like it is almost impossible.

The tastes and interests of young residents change every year, or even more often. And here the decor of the children’s room comes to the rescue. Various accent details (textiles, stickers, posters) will quickly change the look of the room beyond recognition. They will reflect the tastes of the child and make the room a truly personal space for the growing family member.

While the child is small, you should give preference to temporary decor in the children’s room: you can quickly change it, update it, or hide some of the child’s mischief behind it. Kids love to explore the world, check out how everything works, so the walls must withstand this onslaught. Children also love to express themselves and draw on wallpaper. In the first years of a baby’s life, homemade paintings often appear on the walls in the room.

The best choice is washable wallpaper or paintable wallpaper. Then children’s pranks can be removed at any time. If you decide to paint the walls, you need to save information about the shade so that a couple of years later you don’t make the wrong tone and do a complete renovation in the nursery.