Stylish spring image 2016

To achieve a stylish spring image, first of all, you need to look at trends, and there are a lot of them and they are very different. For example, now much attention is paid to asymmetry based on a black and white ensemble. It is worth saying that asymmetry requires a stately gait, the ability to keep yourself, because with the slightest skew of the dress, blouse or skirt, everything will look very unsuccessful and extremely modest.

Some fashion designers drew attention to the possibility of returning vintage style. The task is not simple, but interesting. They dilute more or less template solutions using large sunglasses, maxi skirts, insulated vests, which are very important to competently choose by color. A large number of spring colors are encouraged in this style.

Another very interesting trend is a combination of white with all possible shades of lilac. This will look very spring, but, at the same time, and very solid. Members of royal families wear such outfits, and this already talks about a lot. Pay attention to the universality of lilac, which looks great in all shades: from very dark to extremely bright. You will have something to choose from, so feel free to take up the construction.

Time to preterminate

In addition to good clothes, the very concept of style is the beauty of your body. Hair care, expressive eyebrows, eyelashes, correct makeup, which, incidentally, should adapt to your chosen clothes are important. If you have taken up the creation of your own image, then you may have big problems, because this area itself is difficult, and you can’t look at yourself from the side. If you are faced with the task of creating a stylish image for the spring of 2016, then the beauty salon in Kyiv with its set of real professionals will help you.

Modern beauty salons offer not only a stylish hairstyle, an ideal shape of eyebrows and makeup of any kind: from a worker to a wedding. Beauty salons offer you together to look for the new style that you will like. This should not be one style for life, but experts will explain to you why this or that decision will be correct. Such tips are based on a complex system of evaluating the shape of the face, growth, eye color, nose shape and similar data, therefore it is incredibly difficult to master all this independently – trust professionals.