Features of using stickers in the interior of a nursery

Themed stickers are the easiest option for temporary decoration of a children’s room. Vinyl stickers will allow you to quickly decorate a nursery and change it beyond recognition.

A quality product will not leave marks after removal and will not damage the surface.

Popular design motifs:

  • letters and numbers, as the baby grows, such decor will help you quickly remember the alphabet and learn to count;
  • animals: children are interested in the world around them; they will definitely like representatives of the fauna;
  • plants are another naturalistic decor for a nursery that will help you quickly get used to the world around you;
  • abstractions will excite the imagination, teach you to see the unusual in the everyday.

Vinyl stickers can be used as a camouflage: the baby’s artwork will not be visible behind the opaque base.

One of the most popular options for a nursery is a large sticker in the shape of a tree on the wall next to the crib. One of the best exercises for your baby’s eyes is looking at branches against the sky. This is an excellent focusing exercise. Therefore, such a “simulator” at home will come in handy. The wall for the sticker should be made in a soft pastel color and a dark silhouette of a tree should be glued to it.