SRO insurance

What should this be represented under SRO? Quite often, studying the area of ​​construction and designing of something new to hear about the SRO, as it became known from specialists under the abbreviation SRO, one should submit a non-profit organization that has all the necessary permits and documents for classes for a certain type of activity.

Trying to insure yourself, it turns out at a risky and difficult moment to protect itself and almost all of what has been said also applies to insurance of SRO.

We became aware that SRO insurance in Novosibirsk is primarily necessary for society and he will have his explanations. First of all, affecting the topic of insurance, it should be imagined that if there is insurance, payments can be made even on condition that one of the members of the company has not fulfilled its obligations to the customer. But before obtaining such profitable insurance according to the rules, it will be necessary to join a self -regulatory organization and present a full package of documents for this.

If everything is in order with the documentation, then the next step of entry into a self -regulatory organization will be compliance with certain criteria. We know the fact that there are no universal requirements in each individual case, the organizations can, completely different requirements are made.