Honey wrap at home

Honey wrap has so many advantages that even the most notorious skeptic will not doubt its benefits. Regularly carried out honey wrapping procedures are able to increase immunity, stimulate metabolic processes in subcutaneous fat, remove excess fluid, eliminate swelling, smooth the skin, restore clear contours of the silhouette and much, much more.

Acting on our skin, honey plays not only a fat -absorbing and anti -cellulite role, but also helps to remove toxins and toxins from the body. With systematic use, honey wraps can even lead to complete resorption of scars and stretch marks.

However, do not forget about contraindications-people with cardiovascular diseases, a tendency to hypertension, varicose veins and skin injuries, alas, honey wraps are not recommended.

If the state of your health allows you to use honey for medical and cosmetic purposes, certainly use this magical means, especially since you are quite capable of conducting honey wrapping at home.

How to do honey wrapping a house?

To do this, start with the procedure for cleansing problem areas of the skin with a scrub or peeling. Then heat the honey to warm temperature (with strong heating, this product loses part of its beneficial properties), apply aromatic mass to the body and wrap the processed areas with plastic wrap.

It remains to withstand honey wrap on the body for 40-60 minutes, and then rinse with warm (not hot and not cool!) water. When wrapping at home, you can use honey in pure form and with various additives that will have an additional positive effect on your skin. So, honey for wrapping goes well with essential oils, milk, a small amount of alcohol, yogurt, natural juice or apple vinegar.

Use honey wraps regularly for two to three months and forget about cellulite-your skin will become elastic and velvety!