Scrapbooking tool a variety and features of application

Today a huge number of types of needlework are known, as a result of which many interesting and, at the same time, useful gizmos are created. One of these activities is scrapbooking. It implies the creation of photo albums and postcards with your own hands, using special items and tools for needlework.

Among the scrap-Masters, a new and much more convenient way to create unique photo albums is becoming increasingly popular. Using special devices in your work, you can significantly accelerate the process, and also get even more pleasure from the simplicity of creating unique forms.

What are carpet and tightening machines

So, a car for cutting and embossing is an excellent choice for any needlewoman. Thanks to her you can:

• create interesting paper with unique embossing;

• cut out a variety of forms;

• make various figures.

The principle of operation is the same for all machines: to get the result, you need to put the plates one on the other (they come with the equipment), lay the folder for embossing and a sheet of paper between them. Conventional embossing plates have a size of 10.5×14.5 centimeters. To make cutting down, you need to make the same “sandwich”, but instead of a special embossing folder, a knife is used.

Today in the world market craftsmen are offered a huge number of beautiful options for such cars to choose from. They can have different design, including stylized under various "little animals", household items (for example, printing machines) and others.

Consumables in working with machines are plates. They wear out after some time and require replacement. You can buy them in addition in any specialized store and installed on equipment yourself.