Coating nails with varnish

Applying varnish on nails in manicure – the final stage. The color of the varnish is selected in accordance with the taste of each. But still it should be remembered that only on well -groomed long nails will bright varnish look spectacular. In other cases, it is better to use less catchy flowers. To make it easier to apply, it should be quite liquid.

Varnish has not just aesthetic, but also protective properties. With its help, the nails are protected from negative influences, helps to maintain the nail plate in a healthy state, protects it from delamination and brittleness, and helps to strengthen nails.

Is it easy to properly cover your nails varnish? It is not so easy to paint your nails with varnish, this art should be mastered. Nail care, as well as for the skin, you need to start with cleansing, and it is better to do it twice a week, no more. Remember that the nails are not harmful to varnishes and not means for its removal, but toluene and acetone, which make up their composition. Therefore, study the composition of the varnish fluid during the purchase.

It is more convenient to paint the nails, holding a hand on a soft stand – a folded towel or a small pillow.

Before applying colored varnish to the nails, first cover them with a transparent strengthening base, thanks to it the varnish will not leave indelible spots and the nails will not be bleached. In addition, the composition of modern varnishes, mostly, include stimulating the growth of nails and strengthening their drugs such as vitamins E, A, provitamin B5, ceramides. Also, ordinary colored varnish lies much smoother and lasts much longer if it is applied to the varnish.

It is best to start painting nails from a little finger. Varnish should be applied in the center from the base to the tip of the nail, a wide smear. Then confidently paint over the nail on the sides of two strokes. Excess varnishes are removed with a brush.

First, apply the first layer on all nails and, letting it dry, cover the next layer. The procedure ends with a layer of colorless fixing varnish so that the varnish is dry and better holds.

To get a more beautiful manicure, use the following small tricks:

If you dip the brush in the varnish before painting each nail, they will look evenly painted. Read our women’s magazine more often to look beautiful.

Wrapped in cotton wool, moistened with a special tool, a stick or a match, will help, remove the varnish, without lubricating the nails. So you applied the last layer of varnish. Let it dry well. Having gained patience and spending extra time, you extend the safety of the manicure. If you are in a hurry, lower the nails into a container with cold water (undesirable under the stream). Do not blow on the varnish, t.To. He will fade. You can use the advertised fast -shared varnishes. Applying two layers of the base of the base will hide such an unpleasant manifestation on nails as grooves. First time apply the base across, and the second – along the nail. Lovers of a transparent varnish are advised to whiten the ends of the nails with a special pencil, then the nails will be neat after the manicure longer, and not only half an hour.

When laying nails as a prevention, you need to use only the basis for some time, forgetting for a while about color varnish.

In addition, experts do not recommend all the time to color their nails with colored varnish. According to some of them, the nails should breathe at night. It follows that it is perfectly varnished and it must be removed daily. But this is not feasible. In our high -speed century, women probably cannot spend so much time nails. Removing varnish is not so useful procedure. It seems that it is quite possible to provide a nail with a nail for two days for two days. You have high sensitivity to varnish, do not want to use it often? The shine of your nails is strengthened with grape vinegar or lemon juice, or to polish the nails with a suede to shine.

Recommendations for manicure

It is advisable to do manicure in 7-10 days once.

Do not use varnish fluids, with acetone content.

Do not cut the skin at the base of the nail plate. To remove it, use a special tool.

Do not cut the edges of the nails deep.

Sprinkle nails – from edges to the center.

It is better to use a non -metallic file.

Do not polish your nails often, otherwise they will become very fragile.

Apply varnish exclusively on clean dry nails.

Remember about a varnish.

Even in a hurry, do not blow on the varnish, helping him dry faster. He will fade.

The main thing is to remember about a good nutrition saturated with vitamins A (vegetables and fruits), E (egg yolk, sprouted wheat), calcium (milk, yogurt, cottage cheese), B (liver and fruits), zinc (root crops, seafood), magnesium (brown rice, dried fruits), in the person of which your body and your nails will receive assistants in the confrontation of the harmful effects of the environment.