Preparation for pregnancy

Preparation for pregnancy

Recently, more and more couples are meaningfully approaching the process of conception of the child. And this is right, the correct preparation for pregnancy is simply necessary.

Because our ecology and so leaves much to be desired, and if we let the whole process on its own, then just imagine what offspring we will have? Pregnancy and childbirth are very responsible events in life, the preparation of which must be treated with all seriousness.

Proper preparation for pregnancy:

Having decided to get the baby, first of all in preparation for pregnancy, say goodbye to all your bad habits (smoking, alcohol, well, there are cases … drug addiction). Do not forget to visit a gynecologist. He will write you all the necessary tests. And after, with a clear conscience, you can transgress to such a pleasant process of "doing" children.

But quite often this process in preparation for pregnancy does not give the expected result, and it is not possible to get pregnant. This also happens because preparation for pregnancy includes other points. And to achieve maximum success in this enterprise, a special technique is also needed.

A very common cause of unsuccessful attempts to become pregnant in preparation for pregnancy are men themselves, or rather their slightly active spermatozoa. And in order to somehow cheer up these "lazy people", you need to hold some events. Firstly, categorically forbid a man to wear tight panties from synthetic materials. Such linen is very overheated by male dignity and a greenhouse effect is created.


Secondly, if he works with you what to say “on the pope”, then let at least do 10-minute breaks every hour and gets up from the chair. Thirdly, feed your chosen one with vitamins. They will help his Zhivchik a lot.

Also, it is not worth it in preparation for pregnancy to too much with intimate hygiene in preparation to get pregnant, using various cleansing agents. Mother nature arranged us very correctly, but the extraneous intervention of such means can disable our reproductive function.

Determine your ovulation in preparation for pregnancy is a very important point in preparing for pregnancy. It’s very easy to do, resorting to pharmacy tests. And if you once get there, then listen at least to your body. It will tell you everything in detail. The first signs of ovulation are pulling pains in the lower abdomen, discharge from the vagina, resembling protein, and of course a change in the basal temperature by a degree.

The most important thing is that the excitability is increasing, and this cannot fail to notice. In such "prolific" days, a woman is much easier to get pregnant. Now and have active sex with your partner. And not just sex-work, but sex, bringing real pleasure in preparing for pregnancy. After all, even scientists have proven that when receiving an orgasm, a woman increases her chances of becoming a mother. But you need it?