How to make money for mothers on maternity leave and tips

Maternity leave can be a time of change for a woman, and for the better. Together with experts, we figure out how to get a new profession while staying at home with your child, where young mothers can look for part-time work, and what else you can do on maternity leave.

Although maternity leave is called vacation, it doesn’t look much like it. By and large, this is a real job, only without salary, days off and paid sick leave. Of course, mothers receive payments: 40% of their previous salary or about 8 thousand rubles if the woman has not worked before. But maternity leave often lasts three years, and money is paid only until the child is one and a half years old. It is not surprising that many mothers on maternity leave seek to find part-time work. But even those who do not experience financial difficulties often begin to “search for themselves”, trying out different hobbies.

Almost always, working on maternity leave involves remote work that does not require constant attention. This could be work in a specific organization, pure freelancing, or, for example, your own business.