How to competently choose a gift for women and men newlyweds

What should be the perfect gift?

– personal, so that the addressee feels an individual approach;

– original to surprise a person with ingenuity;

– It is interesting that the addressee’s gift boasts to friends and acquaintances;

– practical, so that you can not only admire the gift, but also use everyday.

Gifts with engraving combine all of the above qualities. The main thing is to choose the right thing for engraving.

The article contains several ideas for a gift with engraving.


Cold-hearte will be a great gift for a beloved girl or mother. In addition, the pendant should not be in the form of a heart. Puzzle -shaped pend. Rhombics, tokens and circles will suit more conservative ladies.

Get a mirror to women of any age as a gift.

The ring always remains an actual gift.


A thematic gift is considered a lighter that will only be appropriate for lovers of tubes, cigars and cigarettes.

An ordinary keychain is a small gift, but a keychain with an engraving is an interesting present. A keychain can be classic in the form of a circle, square, token or a romantic gift from a lady in the form of a heart.

Fans of fishing, hunting and long trips will appreciate the flask as a gift.

The bracelet can be either practical with the engraving of blood type or other personal data, and a romantic gift.


A keychain in the form of a half of the heart, one for her, the other for him. Both halves can be folded in one heart. Such a gift can be worn on the neck or as a keychain.

Castle that can be hung on the railing of the bridge. By engraving it can be quickly identified and the inscription will not be erased over time.