5 ways to dress fashionable and do not spend anything at the same time

Everyone wants to dress not only good, but also inexpensive. However, recently, prices for clothes have been increasing more and more, not at all corresponding to the possibilities of an ordinary person. What to do? Answer – go to shopping on the Internet! It is here that you can find "old" prices in a pleasant range.

Now you can buy for yourself the very blouse and skirt for it, which you previously noticed in the glossy magazine, spending not so much money. Voila – and the family budget is in perfect order, not to mention the fact that you just have a good mood.

5 ways how to save on clothes

Modern fashionistas know how to dress expensive, while spending scanty amounts from their wallet.

The secret of their skill is simple and consists of 5 points:

Do not throw out old things if they have lost their relevance – the fashion is cyclical and has the ability to return to the frequency of once every five years at least. By the way, they noticed that today in the trend of the dress of the 40s-probably something interesting was lying around your grandmother, it is time to climb into the chest;

Take care of needlework – sewing and knitting will help you not only dress fashionably and economically at the same time, but also get great pleasure from a new hobby;

Let the old things have a new life – if you are tired of a skirt, this is not a reason to throw it away – bite frills, lace, non -wovelp and a fashionable belt to completely change its appearance;

Buy clothes on the Internet – there are no such margins as in city stores;

Pay special attention to jewelry – one small detail can change the whole image.

Now you know 5 techniques that will help you look irresistible regardless of mood, day of the week and your wallet.