Stylish knitwear 2014

Knitted products can be found in every wardrobe. In the manufacture of material, various fibers, types of weaving are used, which allows you to create canvases for any type of product: from underwear to outerwear. Fashion designers use knitwear in the creation of the most stylish and original products, embodying their bold creative fantasies.

Stylish knitted dresses have special charm. This material is able to make a delicate even a strict office model. In the collections of business knitwear dresses, the main thing is black. Original, non-standard look black and white models. Geometric shapes, stripes do not violate the dress code, but perfectly adjust the figure that every business lady will appreciate the dignity. Designers complemented office knitted dresses as ashes, folds, making them even more attractive.

Models made of thin, delicate knitwear became the decoration of the collections of summer clothes, evening toilets. Stylish sundresses for summer in a romantic style are made of bright print materials. At the peak of fashion flower, marine themes, ethnic ornaments, oriental drawings. Long summer dresses made of thin cotton knitwear are popular, providing perfect comfort that allow you to create an easy, delicate image. Find stylish models will help Viotex.

Choosing stylish knitwear, you should pay attention to jackets. Fielding short models, classic straight jackets from dense knitwear are in fashion. Relevant products without a collar, a model of a complex cut. Calm classic shades, pastel delicate tones are popular.

Sports fashion now holds leadership positions. Knitted costumes are used not only for training. They became fashionable and stylish everyday clothes. Fashion designers used the combination of shades, print materials, contrasting finishes, supplemented costumes with hoods, lightning. Fashion t -shirts, tops are perfectly combined with them.

The category of stylish knitwear includes fashionable sweatshots that fit perfectly in styles: casual, youth, sports. The variety of such models allows you to easily select them for any onion.

Stylish cardigans will be a great addition to the wardrobe of any fashionista. The original styles of fashion products will certainly make them an excellent addition to the image. In fashion, elongated models without fasteners and fitted products with a step collar.

In order to choose fashion products, you can go to the knitwear catalog.