Peeling PRX: advantages and its features

PRX peeling is created for those who combine beauty care with an active lifestyle. Let’s find out from an expert how this procedure works and who will benefit

Peeling is one of the components of skin care. During the procedure, keratinized epidermal cells are removed and natural cell renewal processes are launched. As a result, the skin becomes smoother, younger and more elastic, hyperpigmentation and acne marks are reduced. Despite the many advantages, many do not do peeling, fearing that the procedure will be painful, and after it they will have to wait until the redness and flaking of the skin goes away. But progress does not stand still, and today cosmetologists have peeling in their arsenal, which does not cause discomfort and allows you to lead an active social life even in the midst of a course of procedures. At the same time, its result is comparable to the results of laser rejuvenation – this is PRX peeling.