What is eye tattoo dignity how is it done

Many women always make makeup before leaving the house. This takes a time that is so sorry to spend every morning, but look beautiful oh how you want. There is a solution to this problem – eye tattooing. Having done this procedure, you will enjoy the effect of painted eyes for several years anywhere and at any time. In addition, with the help of tattooing, you can adjust some natural shortcomings of your appearance, such as the hanging eyelid, rare eyelashes and more.

Two types of tattooing are two types – this is an arrow and filling out the inter -seal region. The second option is done if you have rare eyelashes or in some places they simply do not grow. The most in demand is tattooing in the form of arrows, because for many women this type of makeup is mandatory every day. The arrow makes eyes bright and symmetrical. If you choose this type of makeup, it remains to choose the shape of a shooter and decide whether they will be made on the lower and upper eyelids at once or on one of them.

Not only that with the arrows the eyes will look much brighter and more expressive. Moreover, well -made arrows will help adjust the shape of your eyes, so even the face will acquire a different expression.

If the shape of your eyes is beautiful by nature, you can choose any shape. On the almond -shaped eyes, wide arrows will look good, but the owners of narrow eyes should not choose them. It is better to prefer a thin neat arrow, which is better to make a line of eyelash growth line. Arrows along the entire line of the century are suitable for girls with round eyes. In the corners of the eyes, it is better to make such an arrow in acute and more generally in the middle.