Rules for choosing cosmetics for sensitive skin

To make the skin look beautiful and healthy – it is important to use cosmetics suitable for type. Sensitive skin is most vulnerable, requires special attention and care. The task of cosmetics is to stimulate the work of blood vessels and ensure oxygen access to them.

How to choose care cosmetics

When choosing renovation or decorative cosmetics, you need to carefully study the composition. It should be from natural components, without artificial additives and chemicals. Good results are given by funds presented on the White-Mandarin website, they do not contain preservatives, hypoallergenic.

Ultraviolet rays do not affect the condition of the skin in the best way. Always, before going outside, you need to use a moisturizer, or a tonal base with sun protection. This will help to avoid age spots and premature aging.

It is very important to moisturize and protect the skin from environmental exposure. The use of cream is mandatory to achieve these goals.

Cosmetics, which contains more than eight components – is not suitable for sensitive skin, as it contains a large number of preservatives.

Components negatively affecting sensitive skin:

– alcohol;

– alginate;

– retinol;

– fruit acid;

– salicylic acid;

– dyes;

– Perfume fragrances.

Features of the choice of decorative cosmetics

For sensitive skin, whole lines of cosmetics have been developed. It is important not to neglect the expiration dates, even if it seems that the product is still suitable for use.

Waterproof cosmetics should be excluded, since it can be washed off only with special products that are completely unsuitable for sensitive skin.

Be sure to use the base for makeup so that the powder and tonal cream do not score pores. Mineral crumbly powder is most suitable, it consists almost one hundred percent of natural components.

Colored carcasses contain many artificial dyes, it is better to make a choice in favor of a classic black shade, it does not cause irritation.

The shade for the eyelids are most suitable for delicate, natural colors. They are poorly pigmented and do not provoke allergies.

Following these simple recommendations, you can provide the skin with safe and effective care. Correctly selected cosmetics – reduce the risk of allergies to a minimum.