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The Mini-Docator medical portal provides information about various drugs, specialization of doctors and introduces the terminology of diseases. With the help of our portal, everyone will be able to get a full -fledged consultation of a specialist who will help to understand the symptoms and the method of treating the disease.

Our site was developed for professional doctors and people with non -medical education. Thanks to this, medical workers can always be aware of the latest pharmaceutical innovations, and patients to freely understand medical terms and treatment methods.

The best drugs for colds

The disease of the upper respiratory tract is the most common problem among children and adults. At the first symptoms of a cold, it is necessary to take actions that will help to quickly cope with the development of the inflammatory process in the throat.

Today there are many drugs in tabletized and powder form. The most effective powder in water is considered the most effective, which quickly penetrates the body and immediately affects inflammation in the upper respiratory tract. Such a drug is ACC hot drink powder for the solution. The composition of the drug includes acetylcystein, which has a mucolytic effect.

With the help of a hot drink, you can get rid of the disease of the upper respiratory tract, which is accompanied by the release of sputum. The drug is prescribed for bronchial inflammation, which require a reduction in the viscosity of sputum and improve its discharge.

Children’s analgesics: pros and cons of

With an increase in body temperature, as well as headaches of various etiologies, doctors prescribe to children from 1 month and up to 12 years the drug Efferalgan solution is oral 3 %. This syrup is effectively absorbed in the body and begins to actively affect the body. The main ingredient of the drug is paracetamol, which has a strong analgesic effect. Depending on the complexity of the symptoms and age of the child, the dosage of the drug is regulated.

The drug has side effects and has a number of contraindications. Therefore, before use it is necessary to consult with the attending physician and not exceed the permissible dose of the drug per day.

The treating properties of green

Diamond green solution for external use, alcohol 1 % is the most famous antiseptic and disinfectant of external use. Zelenka has an antimicrobial effect and is used to neutralize gram -positive bacteria.

Diamond green solution is used for purulent-inflammatory processes on the skin, when treating the skin during surgery and after injury. Zelenka is a universal antiseptic that has no side effects and contraindications. In some cases, personal intolerance of the solution may observe.

The Mini-Doctor medical portal has instructions for drugs of various effects on the body. With the help of filters, you can easily find the drug by name and pharmacological group ath. New information and articles about the latest methods of treatment are constantly added to the information portal. On the main page, use the online form for personal consultation with a specialist.

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