How to react to a gift received correctly

Usually, when presenting a gift from the recipient, a certain reaction is expected. In some situations and companies, it would be appropriate to scream with a “cheers” with enthusiasm and clap his hands joyfully. But, for example, according to the prevailing traditions, to do this completely incorrectly at your work. The gift flowers in Tomsk also need to be taken correctly. And you know what basic rules exist when receiving a gift?

Tips for those who became the owner of the presentation

The first advice-right says that, having received a gift in the wrapper (packaging), it should be removed in the presence of the giving. Moreover, this case cannot be postponed on "then". It is also worth expressing your admiration from the contents and express gratitude. You can do this in a brief form, for example, to pronounce the words “many thanks”, “thank you”, etc. If you praise the gift of each of the many guests for a long time, then the queue is formed. In addition, some can be offended if it seems to them that you admired someone else’s present. Saying the words of gratitude, look not at the gift, but in the eyes (face) of the presenter.

The second advice concerns those situations when you want to compare the donated to each other, express your preferences. You can’t do this. You need to equally treat the "small" and "large", luxurious and inexpensive presentations.

The third rule that it is better to prepare a separate table or other place where you will add the presented. It is not customary to arrange the immediately presented household items.

I would also like to add that if someone was ordered for you to deliver flowers in Tomsk, then the one who wanted to make you pleasant should be thanked with a letter. This can be done using a business card with an inscription in the lower left corner "PR", by e -mail or call by phone.