Effective exercises for buttocks varieties stages

Various guidelines and fashion systems of trainings pay much attention to the exercises for the buttocks. The need to train buttocks arises in almost all women, since the ability to have slender legs and elastic ass is a very tempting. Exercises for the buttocks are useful and you need to do those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, in which the fat and muscle layer of the buttocks are reduced and there is a distinct painful sensation in the coccyx from the constant one and the same position of the body. Muscles begin to train when cellulite forms.

What are the effective exercises for the buttocks?


The position of the bar can be both on the shoulders and on the chest. Berry training occurs with any execution. The better effect gives intensive performance of deep squats. Semi -showering that are common in fitness do not give noticeable growth of muscle mass.

Running exercises.

The combination of running, cycling, skiing, swimming gives low -intensity aerobic load, which leads to static load and burning of the subcutaneous layer of fat. Such training allows you to distribute a uniform load between the buttocks and other leg muscles.

Lunches forward.

With this exercise, the buttocks on a par with other legs muscles: quadriceps and biceps. Static load occurs.

Fighting the legs in the block simulator.

Lying position. Exercise allows you to effectively use the buttocks with the biceps of the thigh. Muscles work equally well both when performing a small number of repetitions with a large load, and when performing a large number of repetitions and approaches with a slight weight. Analogue of the exercise is running in place without additional load, completely bending the legs in the knees.