Medical tourism in Israel

According to the above statistics, thirty thousand patients from abroad come to Israel every year and most patients are oncological patients. Currently, you can get medical care in any clinic of the world and even if you need to contact the leading medical institutions of Israel.

For many years, many, if complex and serious illnesses were discovered, have tried to visit foreign clinics in all ways. And at the moment, many citizens of our country get the services of Israeli specialists, reports TUT-IntERESNO.Org

The tourism industry has not been replenished with medical tourism not so long ago, which in turn provides an opportunity to receive treatment in foreign clinics. Today, medical tourism in Israel is gaining popularity in total the annual income of Israeli hospitals from medical tourism is 500 million shekels.

Medical tourism in Israel has become its popularity for a reason, since it is here that there is a high level of medicine and medical services available to many citizens.

On the territory of Israel, medical tourism, as it became known from an official source, is not regulated by law and the Ministry of Health. Thanks to this, Israeli medical institutions can work with patients from abroad. Israeli clinics are equipped with the latest medical equipment and the best specialists in the world work in them.

It is highly qualified specialists and the latest equipment that are two main reasons for which honey tourism in Israel began to use such a high popularity in Russia. But all this, this state managed to earn for several decades.