Stylish coat 2017

Outerwear is designed for warming in the cold season. However, the fair sex always strive to be stylish and elegant, trying to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

A stylish and fashionable coat is considered an important attribute of the wardrobe of every fashionista.

Thanks to these elements of clothing, in the autumn and winter periods you can create elegant and vivid images that harmoniously combine comfort and practicality. Stylists advise to have several varyity in color, length and style of coats, but if it is impossible, it is advisable to choose one universal model.

Fashion trends 2017 provide a large number of options for a choice of fashionistas. Comfortable jackets, double -breasted coats in the classic style are especially relevant.

Universal black coats are also very relevant, which always occupy a leading place in fashion trends.

Every woman wants to acquire a fashionable and comfortable coat, which will allow to hide defects and emphasize the advantages of her physique. Designers thought out all the nuances, creating comfortable models combining elegance and convenience for different figures.

In 2017, the coat of the following models is very relevant:

• oversize. These straight and voluminous models create a feeling of comfort and style that allow you to wear even a thick sweater. Also, these models are excellently suitable for girls with magnificent forms, because thanks to the free cover, the flaws of the figure are well hidden.

• elongated models that have a length to the ground look very luxurious, but they are not practical and relevant for special occasions.

• double -breasted models have clear lines and medium length. These models are classic, which are always relevant. These classic styles have suffered some changes and got the name of the double -breasted coat.

• quilted and stuffy models, are considered very stylish and practical models that warmly warm in severe frosts.

Today, the coats from the ISABEL BENENATO collection are very popular. You can buy these elegant and elegant models at affordable prices from online stores.

Unlike last season, this year models of the next color scheme are very relevant: black, brown mustard, gray and similar colors.

Make the right choice and be stylish and elegant, remaining at the center of fashion trends!