Miss Katie

On YouTube, a blog has become very popular, which is leaded by a very little girl named Miss Katie, or rather Katya – as her name is actually. Of course, a three -year -old child can’t engage in the technical side herself, but she copes with the role of a star playing herself perfectly, and parents can do everything else who has already become well invested in the promotion of this blog. After all, today she already has more than two million subscribers who managed to see her records more than one billion times.

What can be seen in this blog does not at all amaze – the usual life of an ordinary child, but still he is pretty pretty to see him with his child. At least he will stop watching his favorite horror stories at this time.

In principle, it is or any other video from YouTube that may interest the child, he can watch calmly in your presence. Many children are looking for funny or useful from their point of view, for example, ways to weave bracelets from elastic bands or beads. It’s not so bad.