Gel nail polish what is

A neat manicure for a woman is more important than makeup and it is difficult to disagree with this, since the well -groomed female pens have not left anyone indifferent. Especially if the nails are neatly subsided and painted with a delicate shade of varnish. It’s nice to look at such pens and the mood improves in the woman.

But, unfortunately, there is not always enough time to properly care for a manicure. There is also not always enough ability to make high -quality manicure at home. In addition, the varnish, as a rule, lies in a couple of days and you have to wash and establish it again. And even if you go to a specialist, it will only extend the safety of manicure for two days.

As an option, you can build up nails, but not everyone is suitable for everyone. So how to be? The answer is simple, it will help more than the nail coating called gel – varnish.

This is a kind of hybrid of gel, which is used to increase manicure and nail polish. The essence of such a manicure is that the nails are preserved in perfect condition until the next manicure procedure.

The procedure is no different from the usual manicure procedure, with one difference, it is necessary to dry the nails not just like that, but in an ultraviolet lamp. The main thing is that such a coating lasts a long time and does not deteriorate. And the nails themselves are not injured, but even eat at the expense of minerals that are contained in gel polish.

The new coating is now gaining more and more popularity and it can be increasingly found on the shelves of cosmetic stores or in online stores.

As a rule, such varnishes are hypoallergenic and do not have an unpleasant odor. With regular use, the nails cease to extend and become more elastic.