How to choose high quality coffee?

Coffee is a favorite drink of many. He perfectly invigorates in the morning, adds strength. But not everyone knows how to choose it correctly. Now there is a huge selection of this drink. But not all of them are of high quality. Some manufacturers add various impurities, additives. It is very important to be able to distinguish a fake from real coffee.

Basic rules when buying

Not always high price speaks of excellent quality. Cheap coffee is also better not to purchase. It is best to buy such varieties of coffee wholesale that have the average cost. When choosing, you need to pay attention to the packaging. For a coffee machine, it is usually sold in glass containers or metal. There should be no scratches, various damage and flaws on such packaging. There is a membrane under the lid, on which there should be no holes. Their presence suggests that the grains have passed poor -quality processing and packing. The aroma of grains should be saturated.

Also pay attention to the coffee itself. Granules can easily be considered what you can’t say about the hammer of coffee. In high-quality coffee, they will have an angular shape and a light brown tint. Granules with a rounded shape will differ in low quality. At home, you can conduct experience: take a pinch of coffee and pour it on a blank sheet of paper. Impurities will be easily noticeable. The shape of the grains should be the same. The film says that all the necessary oils have already been released from coffee. When brewing coffee will not have the right taste. Another way: pour coffee into a bowl of clean water. If it is of high quality, it will immediately come up. If it contains impurities, then it will settle to the bottom.

The date of roasting grains should be as close as possible to the purchase date. In order for the drink to make a pleasant taste and aroma, you need to choose grains having a weak fry.

Very often flavorings are added to coffee. For example, chocolate, vanilla, cognac. If they are made on the basis of natural oils, then you can not worry about your health. To determine whether the natural component or not, pay attention to its saturation. Natural flavors do not last long and disappear quickly.

Grain coffee should have a suit of a maximum of a month. The stronger the aroma, the fresh coffee. It is better to purchase a drink in special stores. There is a high probability of choosing high -quality coffee.

Follow the advice, then your coffee will be natural and fragrant.