Belt for stockings is it necessary to buy or not

At all times and era, a woman sought to be sexy, sweet and attractive. And the little ladies’ secrets helped her in this. One of these accessories, revived from oblivion, is a belt for stockings. You can purchase it in almost any boutique of underwear, but, as practice shows, online stores provide the greatest choice.

The accessory fell into the wardrobes of the fashionistas with the light hand of the Frenchwoman Gosh Saro, becoming a successful alternative to garter, having an unpleasant property to give tender female legs or, in general, to subside at the most crucial moment. Maybe this is why our predecessors have long skirts for so long?

With the advent of tights, the belt for many years was undeservedly forgotten. And the bold designer Shantal Thomas returned it out of non -existence, making a real splash with the display of the collection of inexpressibly feminine and sexual underwear.

What to pay attention to when choosing a belt.

• First of all, it is worn with stockings, therefore, to buy a good kit, although, you can separately. The main thing is that everything is combined.

• Pay attention to clips. They can be plastic or metal. The latter will last much longer.

• The number of fasteners can vary from 4 to 8. The more of them, the more reliable the stockings will sit on the leg, but also remove them, in which case, it will be more difficult.

• Under tight clothing, you can choose secret fasteners.

• Try the product. You must feel comfort. The belt can slide too much, and too narrow – spoil the figure.

And last, pay special attention to the correspondence of the rest of the underwear and this accessory. The kit can be either plain or in combined colors. But the texture of the fabric is desirable, certainly the same.