The benefits of hyaluronic acid

Modern scientific studies that allow you to study the deep layers of the skin, the processes that occur in them, made it possible to create effective cosmetics, rejuvenating methods. They slow down natural aging, restore the structure of the skin, return the lost youth. One of the most important components, without which it is impossible to preserve its beauty, to avoid the appearance of wrinkles, other negative changes are hyaluronic acid.

This substance performs many important functions. This polysaccharide is a component of nervous and connective tissues. It is necessary for the process of renewal of cells, is a natural lubricant for the joints. It is hyaluronic acid that distributes moisture in the skin fibers, preventing it from evaporating.

In his youth, up to 30 years, this ingredient is synthesized in a sufficient quantity in the human body, which allows the skin to remain beautiful, elastic, smooth. With age, the amount of hyaluronic acid decreases. As a result, collagen fibers do not receive moisture and nutrients, dermis loses its elasticity, becomes dry. This is the cause of wrinkles, loss of attractive shade, peeling, redness.

In the anti -aging series of cosmetics of skin care, hyaluronic acid is included. It is one of the main components of such means. It can be a cream, tonic, hyaluronic rejuvenating serum, etc.D.

But, not always such a cream or a rejuvenating mask ensure the penetration of the product into the deeper layers of the skin. More efficient saturation of hyaluronic acid is provided by modern rejuvenation methods. Therapeutic cocktails created on its basis are introduced into the skin. As a result, it is moistened, the processes of blood circulation, lymph flow, collagen synthesis, cell regeneration are accelerated. This is a guarantee of an anti -aging effect.