Stylish down jackets 2019

There are people who are divided into fans of fur coats, and there are those ladies who adore down jackets. They will become the subjects of the conversation at the moment. So, why the down jackets are good and why they choose them:

very light;


have different colors;

there can be any length, different style and go to women of any age.

The fashion for down jackets has not lost its relevance, so we consider that they wear this season.

What fashion trends should be taken into account

Large volume is in fashion. Modern products have no waist, they have a free cut. The so -called oversize style came to this category of clothing. Here you need to be very attentive to those who themselves are not too thin. Volumetric clothing looks good on thin young ladies, and it can make fun of the full. If you want to buy such a down jacket, you can choose a short model, then it will not look so cumbersome. Bright juicy colors are very popular: white and black, silver and dark green. Also in fashion burgundy or wine shades, powder, beige and purple.

A long down jacket to the knee with a double -breasted fastener and a fur collar also in fashion. It somewhat resembles a classic coat, if not for the stitched fabric. Jackets and a silhouette with a large collar do not lose their positions and crossed this winter since last year. They look more like a huge blanket than a jacket, so here you have to be neat with proportions so as not to look too voluminous.

Similarly, from last year, a trend for metallized fabrics has remained in fashion. Incredibly fashionable futuristic jackets are still on the crest of the wave. If you did not have time to get, then you can still have time to purchase a stylish short jacket in the color of gold or silver.

Asymmetry rules the ball in the same way as voluminous models. Some of them even combine these trends, turning outerwear into a sort of cozy sleeping bag. It looks just amazing again on slender ladies. Do not forget that it is better to choose shades in pastel colors.

What else is in the trend this winter:

ribbons as ties;

a variety of lightning fasteners;

fur and contrasting decoration;

asymmetric hem;

Huge collars and overhead pockets.

Fashion does everything to draw attention to someone who loves and wears down jacket. Usually these are young people who like to give free rein, but are not used to freezing in winter.

When choosing outerwear, do not forget that it should be primarily comfortable, beautifully emphasizing the figure, combine with other wardrobe items.