Presentation of the fetus

"Presentation of the fetus" is a medical term used by doctors – gynecologists. The presentation of the fetus gives a direct characteristic, the location of the child’s intrauterine fetus, at the stage before childbirth.

Presentation also has a position, regarding the paths and position of the fetus regarding the organs of the woman in labor itself. In the following materials you will find an article about pregnancy by week.

Throughout the pregnancy, the fetus repeatedly changes its position at the time of childbirth, the fetus, for about 2 n – whether before the start of the birth process, is located in the right direction and position. If the pregnancy is repeated, presentation can be carried out right before childbirth, this is due to the fact that the fetus has a space that allows the second pregnancy in mind that the first birth made the abdomen muscles soft.

It is impossible to establish this fact independently, and obstetricians, when performing an inspection, establish a charming at 28 weeks. Determine the correct diligence of your child, you can resort to examination of an ultrasound, which will give you an exhaustive answer, which includes a preventive examination.