Correct eyebrow care

Great attention to the eyebrows, which has been promoted in recent years, forces modern fashionistas and beauties to think about proper care. Since demand gives rise to supply, funds have appeared on the market that are intended specifically for eyebrows.

What means are needed to care for eyebrows?

You think that only a specialist can be carried out properly to eyebrow care? It turns out – no! Today, every girl and a woman have the opportunity to visit an online store for broovists and purchase everything you need to care. Namely:

Eyebrow shampoo. Experts use it to fully clean hairs before various procedures, including before staining or laminating. You can use it at home, for example, to remove makeup and deep cleaning. This shampoo has the ability to penetrate deeply into the skin, and also perfectly degreases it. Regular use will narrow the pores, significantly reduce the fat content of the skin. The components included in the composition not only perfectly clean, but also nourish the skin under the eyebrows, moisturizing and calming it. It is easy to use the product – it is necessary to apply it with a brush, distribute in the hairs, and then wash off with a sponge and water.

Eyebrow pencil. Excellent if it is powdery and additionally equipped with a brush for combing. It is such a pencil that fits perfectly on the surface, creating the desired effect of soft and beautiful lines and bends. The more concentrated the composition, the more saturated the pigmentation and the most deep color will be.

Remover. A great remedy for removing coloring substances from the skin under the eyebrows. Do you want only hairs to be painted? Then use a high -quality remover, which is recommended for any type of skin and does not damage the skin with its effect – does not lead to its overdrying.

Paint fixer. In the process of staining or after it, it is very important to stop the action of the coloring pigment. The paint lock best copes with this – it leaves color on the skin, but prevents the effect of paint on the hairs. In addition, fixing the color, the tool prevents “burnout” – the color remains persistent until the next coloring.

It’s easy to be a broovist to yourself – you just need to arm yourself with special means and practice a little.