Useful food the key to a beautiful body

Proper nutrition, a balanced diet, the exclusion of harmful, but delicious sweets, all this is not a punishment, but rather, care for their own health. But it is also important to say that proper nutrition gives not only health to a person, but also a beautiful body. Girls always take care of their ooral form, about their beautiful body. They exhaust themselves with tough diets, painful hunger strikes and other "torture", but all they really need is a balanced and proper nutrition.

In the modern world, it is not at all difficult to observe the proper nutrition. This is facilitated by the popularity of the correct approach to life, the presence of a diet menu in any good restaurant and, of course, there are many proposals for their list of kitchen technology. It is very simple every day to delight yourself with correctly prepared and dietary dishes without spending on their cooking for several hours. Redmondic multicooker or other cooking devices will help to solve such problems.

The main thing is when the decision is made to adhere to the proper nutrition to observe average standards. On average, the diet should consist of 100 g. Squirrel, 80-90 gr. Fat and 300-350 g. carbohydrates. This is based on meals for one day. But if we are talking about very active people, then the protein content should be increased to 115-120 grams. It is equally important to drink a lot. To look beautiful and have a slender figure, the amount of liquid received per day should be 2-2.5 liters of water.

Great damage to a person brings sugar. Therefore, adhering to nutrition according to all norms and rules, it is important to exclude it from the diet. Sugar is quite perfectly replaced by stevia or sorbitol, but not familiar to us all fructose. Do not use sweets on fructose.

In order to finally consolidate everything said earlier, it should be noted that the result will only be achieved with regular absorption of healthy food. It is worth eating often, about six times in one day.

Approximate menu:


Oatmeal 60 g, nuts 30 g and glass of kefir.

2nd breakfast.

Brynza – 60g. With bread


Borsch 500 g and 120 g of whole-grain bread

Afternoon snack.

100 g of beans


Chicken liver 130 g salad with one tablespoon of lean oil.

At night it is quite acceptable to drink two hundred ml of yogurt.

Such a diet for every day will give shame not only to feel lightness throughout the body, not only enjoy your healthy organism, but also have a perfectly built figure without delayed fat masses.