Proper nutrition is impossible without proper dishes

The number of fans of proper nutrition is now rapidly growing. A modern person no longer needs to explain his direct impact on health. The main principle of proper nutrition is the optimal diet. But the dishes plays an important role, therefore it deserves a careful choice.

In the table setting, it is necessary to take into account the psychological effect of color. It is known that healthy dishes are not always distinguished by a delicious aroma, attractiveness. In order to arouse a desire for food, it is necessary to use red, orange, white plates in the serving. If necessary, reduce appetite, you need to put food on dishes in black, swamp shades.

You can reduce the loss of beneficial substances, you can provide a remarkable taste, using thick -walled dishes in the preparation, in which products warm up evenly. If you buy a pan, a pan of this type, you can reduce the time of heat treatment.

There should not be a lot of fats in healthy foods. Therefore, in its preparation, it is advisable to use non -burnt dishes in which you can not use oils. Cooking, extinguishing are the most acceptable ways. If you do not expose products of excessive heat treatment, the loss of beneficial trace elements are minimal. A good way to cook food is baking in the oven. Mandatory utensils for admirers of a healthy diet is a double.

Aluminum dishes are easy to care. But there is a risk of a chemical reaction in which metal molecules fall into food.

If you have to cook in such a bowl, you must immediately transfer the prepared food to another container. It is impossible to store dishes in aluminum dishes. It is advisable to use enameled dishes for cooking, stainless steel.