Dentistry is the name of one of the sections of medicine, which is busy studying the teeth and all that applies to them.

Russia got acquainted with the filing of Peter I, to whom we owe, since it was he who brought all kinds of foreign devices into the country, which could be treated with teeth.

By beginning 20 in., The collection of knowledge in this area had extensive information and had many scientific works. In this area, more modern objects for the treatment of teeth began to be used, the dentists also have the latest materials for filling tooths using a variety of drugs.

Dental diseases are the most common type of disease in humans. According to statistical data, on the globe, about 90 % of the population suffers from teeth in one way or another. These terrifying data set tasks for healthcare authorities, the solution of which is aimed at developing preventive measures, improving treatment methods, studying the causes that generate these diseases. These diseases include; caries, pulpitis, including periodontitis.