The main advantages of a seaside holiday with children

Vacationing with children, especially when there is more than one, is difficult. Going on vacation for the first time, I hoped that I would arrive rested, tanned and “rebooted”.

In reality, everything turned out differently.

The child (then we had only one) fell ill with a sore throat, after recovery he had no interest in the sea at all and spent most of his time in my arms. I returned from the trip thinner and, it seems, even more tired. But this was at the beginning of our family life. Now I have no illusions about the upcoming vacation. And I enjoy what I have. Which is what I advise you to do.

The advantage of traveling with children for me is spending time together. We have breakfast, lunch and dinner together, talk a lot and are in no hurry! I believe that traveling with the whole family brings us closer together.