Stylish autumn cardigans 2016

Cardigan is, first of all, the thing that should protect people from the cold. Previously, this function was enough, but the fashion goes up, it becomes more modern every day, respectively, the cardigan should be not only warm, but also beautiful, which is very important, convenient, to approach the color type of one or another person and so on. That is, the functions have expanded over time. It is important that such a part of the wardrobe is combined with all things in the image, the outfit should look stylish, simple and harmonious. Designers of fashion houses provide us with new options for cardigans – the first of them is a bat in the form of a bat.

Such a thing in the image is able to give a woman and a girl femininity, she can be worn by both a young girl and a woman of more adulthood. No less popular is a cardigan in the form of a coat. It is not rarely possible to find it on the instagram of fashionable bloggers who prefer to wear it with removable fur, which gives the image of chic. You can buy such premium women’s clothing here here.

However, it is advisable to wear such options for cardigans in early autumn, or in late spring, so that the temperature is above zero. One of the most relevant trends of this season can be considered a free cut, which is ideal not only for a coat, but also for cardigans. This fall, every fashionista has the opportunity to experiment with color, length, shape and even texture, the only thing that should be for a cardigan is the presence of a free cut. Lovers to create multi -layer in the image, you can purchase cardigans of maxi lengths, which are very warm and look spectacular.

Extended sleeves can be considered an interesting innovation in this year, which even close the fingers. Such options look unusual and unique. Everyone knows that the fashion is returning, and the fashion of the 90s is still relevant. Grange style is often used in the creation of cardigans, and fashionistas often acquire such cardigans. They are very easy to combine with any basic things, and for lovers of casual style – this is the perfect option. At the moment, you can wear cardigans with fasteners, that is, with a lock or buttons, and without. Of course, cardigans will look more spectacular without any fasteners, since it is now fashionable to dress, but with taste. But by the right elements of the image correctly, the cardigan is well suited with buttons or lightning.