Dentistry – refers to the section of medicine, which, with its narrow specialization, studies bone formations in the oral cavity. The study includes: a study of emergency situations, as well as its prevention and prevention and also a consequence of other organisms. Visit a direct site of direct topklinik dentists now. The founder of this sphere of medical care is the brightest figure in Russian history, the outstanding ruler of Peter the Great. From one thousand eight hundred and eighty -first year, the autocrat, a course in dentistry was opened, two years later, more than four hundred specialists were provided for the use of patients. Over the past century, a strong jump occurred in the dental industry. It was improved, both by itself, the treatment of the disease, and the technical support. Dentistry, exists not only as a sectional section, but there is also a industry in scientific activity, the development of which is successfully implemented. Currently, you can restore the tooth to the initial state, although which twenty years ago it would be a sentence to "delete".