Antipropolitan mattress with a compressor

The appearance of a disease is difficult and problematic, it is good if the disease is not complicated and it turns out, it will quickly get rid of it. But sometimes the most unforeseen situations happen when it is not possible to cure a loved one. When you have a patient in your hands, it will always be a great responsibility, the disease can be one, about its consequences can become the main cause, the appearance of complications on the body in the form of pressure sores.

When another no less terrible is added to one disease, it is doubly worse. The mattress is anti -ore with a compressor can be made of a large number of cells most often such a mattress is made of non -toxic materials.

As it was installed from the words of specialists, an anti -ore mattress with a compressor is not suitable for patients whose weight exceeds one hundred and thirty kilograms.

The most risky and problematic places will be, is the hip area, as well as the area of ​​sciatic bones, it is in such areas that are most loaded. It will deteriorate, maybe not only the skin, but also bone tissue, if the patient is observed, the fields in the most problematic places.

For damaged areas, special solutions and antiseptics should be used, diligent places should be lubricated only with completely sterile materials.