Wedding car decoration recommendations of specialists

How to decorate the car for a wedding yourself? If you are not going to trust this issue by the professional organizers of the celebration, then you need to carefully think over it, and long before the wedding, so that there is time to prepare everything you need. After all, I want the decoration of wedding machines to be original.

The car should not look elaborate and alapovato. However, the decoration of a wedding motorcade with taste is a purely individual business, because they do not argue about tastes. However, there are some rules that should adhere to.

The car in which the groom will go, as a rule, is decorated with a pair of rings of any size. The bride’s car should be decorated more brightly and festive. When choosing a tape as jewelry for a car, note that they are made of white or red atlas. The ribbons are attached to the handles of the doors and the antenna of cars. You can also use images of swans or intersecting engagement rings.

Tapes of larger width can decorate the hood and trunk. Small bouquets of flowers tied with such ribbons and doors attached to the handles will look good. On the hood and on the roof of the ribbons are placed parallel to each other in rows.

The colors of the tapes on machines should not be perceived with the difficulty. In this case, you need to choose one color for all tapes, but different shades. At the same time, such ribbons should not be randomly, but by the increase in the brightness of the color. For example, if you opted for the ribbons of blue-blue tones, have them as follows:

– The tape is light blue

– Dark blue tape

– Blue tape

Light cars are better to decorate with ribbons of bright colors, and dark – ribbons of light delicate shades.