Stylish autumn jewelry 2015

The autumn screening of the 2015 mod was marked by a huge variety of jewelry. This season, fashionistas can easily find their own version that reflects their inner world and attitude to fashion.

An interesting new season will help to prove that you have an amazing taste. Massive jewelry-sewers, which vary from thin leather collars, to huge accessories reaching the collarbone. At the shows of the mod, the feeling was created that the designers found the treasure of the Scythians and took inspiration from our ancestors. Models with pendants still remained on the catwalk, but the diamonds were left far behind. Therefore, today it is very relevant fashionable pendants to buy in Gold.

Other massive jewelry came into fashion. Season 2015 decorated giant flat geometric and abstract necklaces. Most often, such models sparkled with a metallic glitter of gold, but there were models of fabric, leather, stones, polyurethane. Some jewelry wore obvious signs of retro-style.

Earrings also had noticeable differences. Last season, bright artificial materials were favorites, now everything has changed. The pedestal included large earrings with a metal coating that perfectly emphasize the line of cheekbone and neck. Cold shades will also chill eyes as the dank season of autumn cold. Designers managed to create a chill using large semiprecious stones framed by enamel and metal frame.

Special attention was focused on single earrings. They clearly came out of the usual framework of paired things. Preservation of intrigue is due attention to your person. The brighter the lonely earring, the better and mysterious. If, when you have lost earrings, and you didn’t dare to throw the second – it’s time to return it to life.

Regarding bracelets, then it is much simpler and more prosaic. Round balls are in fashion, which can be made of absolutely any material. They can be fluffy, metal or in the style of giant pearls.

Like everything else, clear geometric forms are observed in bracelets. For example, for a square bag, select the appropriate bracelet, which will be combined with earrings. This kit will be an ideal addition to any image.

A line of pearl jewelry came out for classic images. It would seem, what could be unusual in pearls? But here, designers surprised their solutions. Suddenly woven threads of pearls fold into sophisticated figures. Several earrings of different sizes are an excellent addition to the office style. For evening dresses, tie long beads with a spiral that decorate the elegant neck of the owner.