Stylish summer jewelry and accessories 2016

Accessories and jewelry are rapidly gaining popularity every day. With the help of jewelry, you can emphasize the daily outfit of any woman, thereby adding a "zest" to the image.

For more than 30 years, for women around the world, the sensational company Pandora creates jewelry of unusual design and high quality. A characteristic feature of the Pandora style is the combination of different jewelry and elements. Pandora products are made of gold and silver of the best sample, decorated with pearls, emerald, sapphire, grenade, sapphire and a mass of other precious stones of various colors.

With the advent of spring in nature, absolutely everything comes to life. Life around is filled with laughter, bright colors, lightness. Spring collection Pandora personifies the beauty, tenderness and charm of spring. Most of the jewelry is made in pastel colors, in mainly beige and pink shades. The collection is represented by a variety of jewelry: from flower motifs to radiant stones, in the form of drops of water.

Speaking of other trends in the spring-summer collection, we can confidently say that the title of main accessory received earrings. Round, incredibly long or collected from a number of components – the more noticeable, the better – the designers do not stop there. The fashion trend of the Pandora Spring season 2016 is to combine earrings from different sets, and maybe the decoration of one earlobe of the ears. An exceptionally practical solution, especially for those who are inclined to lose them. Believe me, the earrings of this season will be a brilliant accent of your everyday image.

In recent years, bracelets have been recognized by the "fair sex". Probably because female hands always attract attention. Bracelets-manages, tennis bracelets, bracelets, chains, slopes-there are no jewelry! This is exactly what representatives of fashion brands Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Rodarte claim.

Most modern people prefer to verify time using mobile phones, but designers recommend complement the image for hours. The watch has always been a sign of style and taste. Over time, the fashion returns. And spring-summer of this year is no exception. Aquarrons on the ankle is a vivid example.

The details of the women’s wardrobe are similar to spices: they can, both decorating the most inconspicuous dress, and spoil the branded thing. Remember this.