Congratulate the man

Congratulate the man

You are not around the mountains in a relationship? Or soon February 23? Whatever holiday you are waiting for you, you need to remember how to romantically congratulate the man.

So how to congratulate a man?

The most important thing is to choose a gift. You can buy a great scarf, flash drive, perfume. Wallet, gloves, cufflinks are also suitable. New headphones or keyboard will also be by the way. Do not forget about the beautiful design. The Samsung Galaxy S 4G phone can also be an excellent gift, which perfectly emphasizes the high status of your man. This phone is not only of excellent quality, but also ease and ease of use. He perfectly combines all the positive characteristics of the smartphone and communicator.

When you give a young man a gift, you can invite him to have dinner. To do this, you will need to prepare some snack in advance, you also need to put on the table your favorite dish, even if it will be dumplings. A couple of light salads – this is what you need, just do not forget about good wine and champagne, fruits are sure, you need chocolate. Candles should already burn on the table, and the room – twilight in the room.

Do not think that guys do not like the romance that we want so… It will sometimes be very useful and by the way – to arrange pleasant evenings that will not forget. You can talk, listen to your favorite music at a romantic dinner. Time will fly unnoticed.

Dial a bath with foam, you can sprinkle it with rose petals (no matter how trite it sounds, but it works). It will be just very romantic and not boring if your beloved makes you foot massage. The foot massage is very relaxed and sets up in an erotic way.


You can sprinkle your beloved hearts made of red paper. By the way, you have already given him Valentine for February 14? If not, then be sure to give it just like that. You can also make an original photo album with your photos, videos (where your photos will also be, for your favorite music (, wall newspaper on the Whatman (yes, there are also photos and hearts).

You someday gave a man flowers? If not, try: he will be flattered and embarrassed. It is better to give lilies, they denote the purity of your loved one. Say something with all your heart and stretch the bouquet. OK it’s all over Now. Good luck!